Food Religion Vs. Relationship

I consider myself a Jesus follower, lover, and seeker.... not religious. 

This parallels my relationship and views on food. 

I am aware that the more "food religious" I am-- the pressure to always be better & seeing certain foods as "bad" versus "good," can lead to burn out, emotional eating, and self sabotage.

Food is more than rules and restrictions. 

It's created to nourish, uplift, fuel our mind and bodies to live not just well, but to THRIVE at our best. 

Are there foods that serve our body less, interfere with our goals, and mess up our blood sugars?


BUT when our mind is flooded and foggy in this state of extreme paranoia, where it robs the beauty of free will, trial and error, and truly living.... we miss the point.

We must listen.

We must learn.

We must adapt.

Everyone is blessed with this unique and intricately beautiful power-house that uses and requires different types of fuel for THEM to be at their best & healthiest.

While there is no one size fits all, I believe the foundation of our eating should be the same: focusing on clean, real, whole foods. 

I assure you that there is no "perfect diet."

Whichever diet you choose for yourself: vegan, keto, paleo, low carb, high carb, all fruit, no fruit, etc. is totally your own personal journey and unique experience.

I think our biggest responsibility isn't to just keep jumping on the next band wagon of the "best" diet, but truly educate ourselves and understand which foods do what for us and listen to your body and watch how it responds day by day. 

Struggling with bloat? Google top bloat-causing foods.

Always craving sugar? Google which foods to avoid to stop the cycle. 

Do you keep finding yourself in these bad cycles or habits? Seek counsel and support. Accountability and direction is crucial when it comes to improving ourselves and our natural resistance to change. 

There is so much overwhelming information out there! When we learn that the best diet is no diet,  that's when your true (healthy) relationship with food begins.